A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others.

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And, as such, you can’t be a legitimate social marketer unless you’re freely sharing your expertise and time.
You’re on my blog because you know I have passion about a particular thing.

It keeps me up at night.
It’s what I’d do even if I weren’t paid.

My passion is what fuels my work ethic, necessary to become an expert in my field.

And so you’ll see it reflected on my blog here.
I’m part of a killer team of vertical experts, each of us freely sharing about what we love, whether it’s the NBA, aftermarket truck accessories, a favorite liquor, a local restaurant, some hobby, or a small business category.

Have you seen our leader, Alex Houg?
He is our 20 year old prodigy, who runs this operation.
He is helping folks like me get a job, be a leader to train up future leaders, and help small businesses succeed.

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The lion gets a heart and the scarecrow gets a brain
The title of this post is from the Wizard of Oz.
And it means that for me to be seen as an expert, I must regularly produce content worthy of that title by networking with the pros, sharing my experiences on the most widely-respected stages, and have a base on clients to demonstrate my credibility.

If you’re here, thank you!
I hope we can connect on LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, and anywhere else you’d like to collaborate.
Let me know how I can help you succeed.