The Real Life Social Network Slideshow

First slide in presentation

Check this out. I like this guy. He brings up super basic concepts that we don’t ever really think about; like how we have multiple groups of friends/peers but online its all just one big slop of ‘em mixed together. Very true. Interesting, too, that one of the studies showed only 12% of the groups people came up with contained the word “friends”. Mad true. There are 25+ people I kick it with somewhat regularly. We have great times; I appreciate their company. But yet I’d say I only have 4-5 friends, if that. Also, I dig how simply he puts things into perspective. The illustrations help, too. On the other hand, his gramer iz awefull :) so the lack of punctuation had me rereading a lot of parts. But that’s not what’s important, in this case.

Twitter Sucks At Generating Referral Traffic

If your goal is to guide users to your content, and you’re using Twitter as a primary means to do so, you are throwing time and effort in the trash… I know- sad but true. There are, theoretically, endless examples to back up such a bold statement, but for now we’ll stick to one that most everyone who doesn’t live under a rock could grasp with ease.

Once upon a time, little Miss Miley Cyrus read an article published by LA Weekly about herself. Evidently, she liked it enough that she decided to share it with her followers on Twitter. Accompanied with this tweet was a message to the effect of “You need to read this”. You know how her fans are die-hard, arguably to the point of insanity? Well if you were to personify Twitter and say so to him/her, they would disagree.

At the time of said Tweet, Ms. Cyrus had well over 2 million followers on Twitter. However, of this gigantic pool of followers, only about 2,000 actually bothered to read the article. It’s not that her fans aren’t loyal, but rather that Twitter just isn’t as good at driving traffic as other social media channels (and even some non-social media websites).

Although there are some stories/users that manage to break this rule of thumb every now and then, generally speaking, it holds true.

This doesn’t mean that, as a business or organization, Twitter is useless. After all, it’s one of the best, if not the single best means to keep your fans up to date on the here-and-now of what’s going on in your neck of the woods, to put it loosely.

That’s simply just how Twitter is, was meant to be, and always will be. To compare, on Facebook when you have a “friend” (in quotations for a reason. Seriously. How many of the people on your friends list do you actually hang out with?) who posts all day, every day; too many times a day- a “wow, why am I only seeing one person in my newsfeed” amount of times per day, odds are you will unfollow their posts because it’s annoying. But on Twitter, users are expected to post like crazy. That’s because the popularity of a tweet dies rapidly whereas on Facebook, posts are meant to linger around for the day and sometimes even the next few days.

If you want to read more, check out this article which inspired this blog post.

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals Certification

Look what I got!

You jelly? Lolz jk jk
You jelly? Lolz jk jk

I was entirely ignorant to the world of Tag Manager. However, now, I am only very ignorant to the world of Tag Manager. This is my certification for completing the “Google Tag Manager Fundamentals” online academy. It’s a decent course for beginners but could definitely use improvement, in my opinion. Good thing they have a feedback section at the end. Try it out by clicking the hyperlink above. With combined feedback, Google will improve their course and slowly create a world of GTM-expert minions! Muahahahaha!! Sorry. I got carried away.

‘Til next time…

The Value Of Communication

Whether you’re smart, dumb, shy, timid, etc. you’re all capable of communicating. Maybe it’s uncomfortable, but you’re capable nonetheless. Even if you’re quadriplegic, there’s voice-to-text programs that enable you to send an email.

or you could be a boss like Stephen Hawking and learn Morse Code
You could even be a boss like Stephen Hawking and learn Morse Code…

So, yeah; we can all communicate via various mediums fairly simply. Yet so many people (myself included- I ain’t a saint!) get hung up here. My boss always says, “better to reply with ‘I don’t know’ than to not reply at all.” Most employers value consistent communication more than you would think, and having that skill is rather beneficial.

Once you master the skill of consistent communication, you can easily build on it. In this article,  Auren Hoffman highlights two stupidly simple, yet underrated skills that employers love to see: reliability and self-management. The tips he provides (especially regarding reliability) can be implemented by virtually anybody. But sadly, they seldom are.

On a completely unrelated note that you don’t care about whatsoever, this article taught me a new word: “corollary”. I’m gonna use that in a rap some time…