Buffer – IFTTT

So this is a thing. Their whole tagline/catchphrase/whatchamacallit is to “save an hour on social media every day.” And I can definitely see how this could help with that. It’s really easy to set up but you know what’s great? Pictures!

1. Visit the hyperlink above and click “Schedule your first post” at the top



2. Click “Start Scheduling Posts on Social Media”.


3. Click one the the social media options that pop up, sign in and all that jazz.


4. From there, you can link it to your other accounts. I’d already set mine up prior to this post, so you’ll see a slightly different screen, but I assure you it’s simple.


5. Make sure you got the right style of time and time zone correct then click “Looks Good! Continue to Next Step”.


6. Customize when, and how often, you want to post for each account.



7. Oh yeah, you can track your clicks too.


8. Boom! You’re ready! Click “Go to my Dashboard”.


9. Well, well, well… if it isn’t my dashboard…



And there you have it. It’s pretty dang automatic. There’s more you can do with it, but I just started playing with it today and have yet to discover said things.