A Dollar A Day Keeps The Wrong Crowd Away

Isn’t it true that the most enjoyable, desirable, and/or beneficial things in life are also the most simple? From human behavior to musical melodies, I often find myself drawn on a conclusion as simple as itself: simplicity is key. So of course, this same concept goes for Facebook advertising.

In a recent online interview, Dennis Yu explains how his $1/Day Facebook Advertising Strategy is based on “influencing the influencer”. In other words, by specifically targeting certain media publishers (depending on what you’re selling), you have a better chance of them sharing your content, thus obtaining views from THEIR followers.

You can probably already see why this is much wiser than spamming the masses, but in case not, let me break it down…

Targeting a dozen people is cheaper than targeting 100,000 people. No arguing there. However, as is typical belief, quality trumps quantity. With that said, targeting a dozen people who write for Time Magazine, for instance, is significantly cheaper (and smarter) than broad targeting 100,000 people who barely match the criteria of someone who may be interested in your product.

Let’s continue with this example. The way you’d do this is by simply selecting “Time Magazine” for the employer and, for location, selecting a reasonable radius from their publishing headquarters. BOOM! Now you’re reaching only a select few who have the ability to boost your name.

This is just one type of example Dennis uses in the interview. My recap can’t do it just. Check out the full interview for yourself and have your mind blown by the genius of simplicity:

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