The Real Life Social Network Slideshow

First slide in presentation

Check this out. I like this guy. He brings up super basic concepts that we don’t ever really think about; like how we have multiple groups of friends/peers but online its all just one big slop of ‘em mixed together. Very true. Interesting, too, that one of the studies showed only 12% of the groups people came up with contained the word “friends”. Mad true. There are 25+ people I kick it with somewhat regularly. We have great times; I appreciate their company. But yet I’d say I only have 4-5 friends, if that. Also, I dig how simply he puts things into perspective. The illustrations help, too. On the other hand, his gramer iz awefull :) so the lack of punctuation had me rereading a lot of parts. But that’s not what’s important, in this case.

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