The Value Of Communication

Whether you’re smart, dumb, shy, timid, etc. you’re all capable of communicating. Maybe it’s uncomfortable, but you’re capable nonetheless. Even if you’re quadriplegic, there’s voice-to-text programs that enable you to send an email.

or you could be a boss like Stephen Hawking and learn Morse Code
You could even be a boss like Stephen Hawking and learn Morse Code…

So, yeah; we can all communicate via various mediums fairly simply. Yet so many people (myself included- I ain’t a saint!) get hung up here. My boss always says, “better to reply with ‘I don’t know’ than to not reply at all.” Most employers value consistent communication more than you would think, and having that skill is rather beneficial.

Once you master the skill of consistent communication, you can easily build on it. In this article,  Auren Hoffman highlights two stupidly simple, yet underrated skills that employers love to see: reliability and self-management. The tips he provides (especially regarding reliability) can be implemented by virtually anybody. But sadly, they seldom are.

On a completely unrelated note that you don’t care about whatsoever, this article taught me a new word: “corollary”. I’m gonna use that in a rap some time…

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